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Monté Benjamin is an all around performer, comedian and actor that is revolutionizing comedy, as we know it. His high impact, charismatic style of comedy is refreshing and will make you cry laughing. Monte Benjamin began doing stand-up comedy in the late 1990s. His success as a stand-up comedian led to multiple acting performances and commercial voice-overs. He has toured and entertained audiences in the eastern region of the Nation as well as in his hometown, Miami, Florida.


He has acted in stage plays and live productions all over the eastern part of the nation! Monte has opened for such groups as: God’s Property, Eve, Second Chapter, Kirk Franklin, and Shirley Caesar just to name a few. He has worked with comedians like Brodrick Rice, Lil Duval, Ian Bagg,Thomas Ford of “The Martin Show”, and John Witherspoon of "The movie Friday." Monté has performing stand-up in clubs like: The Miami, Hollywood, West Palm Beach Improv, Laff’s Comedy Club Tucson AZ, Tempe Improv Tempe AZ, Stand Up Live Phoenix AZ, Oak leaf Comedy Corner Jacksonville FL, and New York Comedy Club.


                                                                      “If laughter is good like medicine, then I’m sick”

                                                                                                Monté Benjamin

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