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Miami Improv

I wanted to thank you again for the amazing performance you did last night. I have to admit that i was uneasy with a couple of people on stage as to what might be said, but you were by far the most enjoyable performance "period".

Stand Up Live

I have heard from several people who did nothing but sing your praise. You are by far the funniest Clean Comic I have ever heard. Monte you are like a young Bill Cosby. "Hilarious"!

Marana Laughs

I know it's difficult in the comedy world to make people laugh being truly clean. You have perfected it and I feel, as do others that it is a testament to your true talent.

Laffs Comedy Culb


"He is Brilliant"! It is sad that many people feel being lewd and vulgar is the only way to have a good time. You get it and respect it! Don't ever change, You are on the top of the list



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